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Career Ideas

Time to Become a Techie by Jim Baumer
Four Traits for Aspiring Social Media Managers by JobsInTheUS.com

Career Planning

Three Tips to a More Fulfilling Job by Melissa Suey
Look Before You Leap Into That New Job by Margaret Hansen
Interview with an HR Consultant: Job Seeker by Margaret Hansen
Teaching Jobs with the Best Prospects by Leslie Rothman
New Year Intentions vs. Resolutions by Diane Dunton
Five Steps to Reaching the Stars by Margaret Hansen
Job Options for Non-Drivers by Melissa Cardin
Letting Go of the Golden Handcuffs by Diane Dunton

Career Research

Are They Green Enough? by Margaret Hansen
Baby Boomer Trends That Could Impact You by Margaret Hansen
Personality and Fit Most Likely to Win Job by Margaret Hansen
Three Ways to Focus Your Career by Margaret Hansen
What About Working for a Non-Profit? by Jim Baumer
Overachievers Are Overrated by Margaret Hansen


Interview with Salvation Farms by Shawn Mcgowan
Interview with River Arts by Shawn Mcgowan
Interview: Family Center of Washington County by Shawn Mcgowan
Interview: Vermont Folklife Center by Margaret Hansen
Interview-Relay for Life Helps So Many by Margaret Hansen
Interview with Gifford Medical Center by Shawn Mcgowan
Nonprofit Interview: Vermont Foodbank by Margaret Hansen
Interview with a Nonprofit Winner: GMALL by Margaret Hansen
Interview with The Community Cupboard by Shawn Mcgowan
Interview with Camp Ta-Kum-Ta by Shawn Mcgowan

Compensation & Benefits

Researching Salary? Talk to Humans by Margaret Hansen
Ten Tips for a Smoother Open Enrollment by JobsInTheUS.com
How to Trim Benefit Costs and Foster Loyalty by Margaret Hansen
Salary Competes with Perks by Margaret Hansen
Get Your Employees Outdoors and Benefit by Margaret Hansen
Nixing PTO Spells Freedom by Margaret Hansen
Offering a 529 Plan as an Employee Benefit by Alison Hinson
Flexible Hours Take the Cake in Summer by Margaret Hansen
How to Increase 401(k) Participation and Why It's Important by Alison Hinson
Temporary Pay Cuts Better Than Nothing by Margaret Hansen
Spending Accounts Save Everyone Money by JobsInTheUS.com
Leveraging the Affordable Care Act by Rick Dacri
Higher Ed Jobs Offer Fringe Benefits by Margaret Hansen

Employment Etiquete

What Your Handshake Reveals by Andrea Pastore
Mastering Informational Interviews by Judi Perkins
Making a Smooth Exit from Your Job by Mike Sherwood


Celebrating the Holiday Bills All Year Long by Alison Hinson
Talking About Money Can Save Your Career by Alison Hinson
Your Tax Reward for Job Hunting by Alison Hinson
The Most Unproductive Time of the Year by Alison Hinson
How Do You Stretch Your Paycheck? by Margaret Hansen
Degree Rich, Cash Poor by Alison Hinson

Getting To Work Series

Getting to Work with JobsInTheUS.com by Jeff Desmond
Getting to Work with JobsInTheUS.com 2 by Jeff Desmond
Getting to Work with Central Maine Orthopaedics by Jeff Desmond

Healthy Outlook

The Confidence Game by Judi Perkins
Begin with an Ending: Four Stages of Career Transition by Susan Posluszny
Ten Ways to Beat Unhealthy Stress at Work by Margaret Hansen
Driving Fear Away From Your Job Search by Diane Dunton
Take A Vacation That Helps Your Career by Margaret Hansen
Change Is More Than a Resolution by Jim Baumer
How to Get a New Job off to a Good Start by Elizabeth T.
Work Bullying-Be Part of the Solution by Jeremy Haskell
Six Solutions to 'Annoying Coworkers' by Cynthia Wright
What Motivates You? by Diane Dunton
Don't Wait to Find Your Passions by Diane Dunton
A Social Wedding for Work-Life Balance by Shawn Mcgowan
Job Search Rx: How to Stay Healthy by Melissa Suey


Be Ready for These Five Interview 'Risk' Questions by Margaret Hansen
The Subconscious Wins During a Job Interview by Judi Perkins
Let Go of Perfection and Win by Judi Perkins
Making a Great First Impression by Cynthia Wright
Three Ways to Sail Through the Toughest Interview Questions by Margaret Hansen
Helpful Apps for Acing Interviews by JobsInTheUS.com
Practice Interviewing by Answering These by Judi Perkins
Prepping Can Avoid Costly Interview Mistakes by Margaret Hansen
Nine Ways to Impress When Opportunity Calls by Margaret Hansen
Take Charge of a Bad Interview by Judi Perkins
Job Offers Are Never a Sure Thing by Rick Dacri
Moving Past Degree Requirements by Margaret Hansen

Job Search

Interview: I Found a Great Job by Margaret Hansen
Find Your Inner Salesperson by Johnna Major
Pros Must Follow the Same Job Search Rules: Learn the Three Components by Judi Perkins
When Your Employer Shuts Their Doors by Alison Hinson
Five Companies That Help Working Parents by Margaret Hansen
Cost of Finding a Job by JobsInTheUS.com
Online Job Hunting: Safety First by Steven Porter
Five Don'ts for Candidates in Today's Job Market by Johnna Major
Overcoming Age and Weight Bias by Dawn Rossetti-melissa Brodeur
Make Networking a Central Part of Your Job Search by Johnna Major
Ten Tips to Re-launch a Paused Career by Dawn Rossetti-melissa Brodeur
Common Errors to Avoid in Job Hunt by Judi Perkins
Five and a Half Tips for the Holiday Job Hunt by Steven Porter
Fitting In Gets the Job by Margaret Hansen
Your Job Hunt Needs Advanced Sales by Judi Perkins
Finding a Job After Age 60 by Diane Dunton
Three Tools to Organize the Modern Job Search by JobsInTheUS.com
Job Seekers Weigh In with Mixed Strategies by JobsInTheUS.com
Seven Ways to Make a Seasonal Job Permanent by Margaret Hansen
Over 50? Five Ways to Help You Land a Job by Steven Porter
Over-50 Job Search: Accentuate the Positive by Melissa Suey
Arm Yourself Against Job Scams by Judi Perkins
Energize Your Job Search by Jim Baumer


Networking Requires a Shift in Expectations by Margaret Hansen
Who Are the Strangers in Your Life? by Diane Dunton
Networking: Your Vital Link by Dave Stearns
Fine Tuning Your Online Visibility by Shawn Mcgowan
Get Vulnerable for Success by Diane Dunton
Using LinkedIn to Connect with Companies by Shawn Mcgowan
Social Media Posts That Can Haunt You by Shawn Mcgowan
Facebook Timelines Are Coming by Shawn Mcgowan
Does Your Business Card Need a QR Code? by Shawn Mcgowan
How to Leave a Networking Voicemail by Leslie Rothman
Ten Good Habits for Any Career by Margaret Hansen
Networking Trumps the Cover Letter by Margaret Hansen
Best Gifts for Technophiles This Year by Shawn Mcgowan
Should You Care About Your Klout Score? by Shawn Mcgowan
Five Habits to Social Media Success by Shawn Mcgowan
Has the Paper Resume Gone Away by Shawn Mcgowan
Facebook Hashtags for Job Seekers by Shawn Mcgowan
A Few Degrees of Separation by Elizabeth T.
Make a Professional Association Work for You by Jason Blais
Can Google+ Help Me Find a Job? by Shawn Mcgowan
Organizing Your Facebook for Job Search by Shawn Mcgowan
Stepping Up My LinkedIn Invitations by Shawn Mcgowan

Personal Branding

Visible Tattoos Gain More Acceptance by Margaret Hansen
Your Online Persona: Make Sure It Shines by JobsInTheUS.com
Using Twitter to Help Land Your Dream Job by Rich Brooks

Resumes & Cover Letters

Four Ways to Improve Your Next Cover Letter by Margaret Hansen
When References Go Bad by Judi Perkins
Who's Reading Your Resume... and Why It Matters by Margaret Hansen
Accomplishments Win the Company by Judi Perkins
Resume Distribution Services: File Under 'Too Good to Be True' by Judi Perkins
Three Steps to a Healthier Resume by Margaret Hansen
What to Name Your Resume by Judi Perkins
Workin' It: What to Always Include in Your Resume by Elizabeth T.
A Mini Resume in Every Wallet by Margaret Hansen
No Shame in Employment Gaps by Judi Perkins
Five Ways to Transfer Your Skills to Another Industry by Steven Porter
Three Ways to Optimize Keywords for ATS and Database Success by JobsInTheUS.com
Make Sure Your Holiday Checklist Includes This by Judi Perkins
Details Score Resume Points by Judi Perkins
Getting Your Electronic Resume Noticed by Leslie Rothman
Sharpen Your Resume with SIR by Susan Posluszny
What Is a Statement of Qualifications? by Melissa Suey
A Career Change Requires a Resume Redo by Dawn Rossetti-melissa Brodeur


Six Ways to Keep the Winter Blues at Bay by Diane Dunton
Last Minute Technophile Gifts by Shawn Mcgowan
November: A Season of Gratitude by Heidi Sawyer

Unemployment Strategies

The Power of Choice by Judi Perkins
Ease The Grieving Process - Volunteer Your Time by Heidi Sawyer
Unemployment a Lifeline, Not a Crutch by Margaret Hansen
Five Skill-enhancing Ideas for the Unemployed by Diane Dunton
Unemployment Ends and Still No Job by Alison Hinson
Give Your Talent to Fuel Your Career by Diane Dunton
Your Job Is Getting a Job by John Wagner
Five Tips for Your Job Search Strategy by Melissa Suey